#25 #FireworksCountdown - What You Need to Know

I am back from my #MakingMemories trip with my Dad in Australia, am finally over jet lag (took a full week!) and am Ready. For. Fireworks!   
We're just a day away from welcoming an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 visitors to Hoboken's waterfront for the 48th annual Macy's fireworks.
I'm so excited that our 2nd Ward will offer prime views, situated directly across from the fireworks barges between Chelsea Piers and the Lincoln Tunnel. With such a large influx of guests, ensuring everyone's safety is top priority and our Public Safety teams have been tirelessly preparing to provide a secure and enjoyable experience. Last week, I convened a meeting with our Public Safety leaders and the management of the 18 large, uptown waterfront buildings like Maxwell, Shipyard, S. Constitution, and Hudson Tea. These discussions were crucial for coordination, and these buildings will also be supporting our city’s safety efforts on July 4th.
I have a lot more updates to provide on things like the eye popping property tax increases, Rebuild By Design, food delivery e-bikes, and more, but will drip feed these over the next day or so.  This newsletter on Independence Day Eve is just about being best prepared for the biggest event Hoboken has seen since 2013, happening tomorrow!  Here is what you need to know and do if, like me, you are staying in town:
Safety and security are top priorities.  There will be an extensive police presence on site to ensure this.  If you see something, say something – for non-emergencies call HPD at 201-420-2100.  For emergencies call both 911 and 201-420-2100.  If you do not already have the police non-emergency line in your phone, add it as a contact now for future reference.
Decide now whether you are in our out, and if out, leave early and don’t come back till the next day.  Traffic is going to be crazy, and it will be difficult to move around Hoboken, especially near the waterfront. 
On street parking restrictions go into effect TONIGHT at 11pm including the north side of 14th from N. Sinatra to Park.  See the city’s nixle alert for other parking restrictions across the city.  If you have a resident parking permit, beginning at 6pm today you can park in Garage B, D and the midtown garage for $5 for 24 hours.
Uptown, all streets east of Hudson will be closed to vehicular traffic including Sinatra Drive N, Shipyard Lane, Maxwell Lane, Constitution Ct, Independence Ct, and the portions of 11th, 12th, and 14th.  I have just reconfirmed this.
All uptown public parking garages will be closed in Maxwell, Shipyard and Hudson Tea by around 2pm, with access only for residents/monthly parkers (police will be around to assist with this access).  This means the ONLY parking available in north east Hoboken for visitors will be street parking. 
Prepare to avoid your driveway being blocked.  Consider placing a sign or cone or if you have a driveway permit, parking one of your own cars across the entrance on the street (not the sidewalk) to avoid access being blocked by a visiting car.  Last time fireworks were on the Hudson, visitors parked in every open space on the street they could find.  
The waterfront walkway and Maxwell Park will be open. The area under construction at the top of Bloomfield will either be partially or completely open.  There are areas of the walkway north of 12th that have already been blocked off until further inspection has been completed so please avoid these. 
The south lawn adjacent to Maxwell and the lawn and circle at Hudson Tea will be closed to the public.  The lawn at Hudson Tea will be used by our EMS teams.
The entirety of Sinatra Drive will have a lane for emergency vehicles only. 
Pier 13 and Pier 14 will be closed for private events.  The Hoboken Historical Museum is hosting a BBQ fundraiser at Pier 14.  Click HERE for the hottest ticket in town (I understand there are a handful still available).  Incredible views for 7/24, BBQ, and supporting our museum – triple win!
There will be porta potties along the entire waterfront, 48 for the public to use, 12 for EMS.  Everyone loves porta potties when you most need one...
Uptown building entrances will be secured, with signs indicating no public bathrooms and access for residents and guests restricted to certain entrances; check with your building manager for details.  If you don't yet have a sign for your door, feel free to click the pic above and print! 
Be smart – don’t let strangers into your buildings.  As our Police Chief said at a recent meeting with neighbors, “If you don’t want strangers walking your hallways, why would you let them in your building?”
Make sure your doors are locked. 
Bring any valued items indoors to keep from being stolen.
The Fisher Furries (Sam, Brownie & MamaG)
Keep your pets indoors to minimize their stress and create a safe space for them.
Invite your visitors to stay over.  Although coordination is occurring between neighboring towns and the DOT to help facilitate the flow of outbound traffic, we are still estimating that it will take 4-5 hours for traffic to dissipate after the fireworks.
Hoboken DPW teams will be working during the event and overnight to clean up and ensure that on the morning of July 5th, it will look like July 4th never happened.  Do your part and take with you any trash you create.

If you are staying here, like me, have an incredible time!  Take LOTS of pictures and share ALL of them on social media.  Fireworks never get old...
As always, please share this with everyone you know who may be interested and reach out any time on any issue important to you: 201-208-1764 or [email protected].      
Tiffanie Fisher
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”
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