I am very excited to get all the feedback I can from the people of Hoboken and I would value your input to my campaign.  Please feel free to contact me about anything or ask any questions you may have.

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  • Adam Kramer

    My name is Adam Kramer and I’m an owner in the shipyard. Car speed on Frank Sinatra blvd is very dangerous. There are no speed limit signs or yield for pedestrian signs located anywhere on the street. 2-3 weeks ago a cyclist was hit in the crosswalk. I attended a meeting with the chief of police and the mayor, both agreed that there was a problem, but neither had any solutions. I’ve reached out to the county and received nothing. The opening of Pier 14 is right around the corner and something needs to be done to protect Hobokens citizens. It’s very simple: yield signs in all of the crosswalks on Frank Sinatra Blvd and a couple of speed limit signs. This needs to be done before it’s too late…
  • Sean Mchugh
    Hi Tiffany, my name is Sean from Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Hoboken. We have been doing business in Hoboken for 21 years. I am emailing you regarding the re-development of Washington St. The work being proposed for the most part is great but we have grave concerns about the bike lanes and pedestrians.

    With only 1 lane for traffic there will be major congestion every time a car makes a left turn off Washington st. or has to park, all traffic has to stop. Customers frequently drop off family members, children or elderly and then move on to look for parking. Many times we have to drop off goods needed, with this new proposal none of this will be possible therefore severely damaging our business. People can’t pick up any more. Delivery trucks as it is don’t want to come to Hoboken. They will not wait for the loading zones to free up. We are very concerned that if these bike lanes go ahead our business will drastically fall off. This is our lively hood and that of 2 of our sons. We are very worried.

    I am a biker and sharing the sidewalk with pedestrians is dangerous.

    Bikes having to stop to let people off the bus to cross is also very dangerous.

    The sidewalk bumping out for pedestrians and strollers means people have to stand in the bike lane to cross.

    According to T&M we will lose 3% of all parking, which is about 150 spaces on Washington St.

    These are only a few of the issues we see with the proposed bike lanes.

    We hope you take all of these concerns into consideration and that you will vote no for the bike lanes.

    Thank you

    Sean & Bernadette

    Grimaldi’s 411 Washington St.
  • Elizabeth Glatt
    Hi Tiffany. I live on castle point terrace and was just told by neighbor that his call regarding lack of snow plowing was due to the fact that we are a private street. Maybe you can look into this
  • Sean Kron
    Dear Tiffanie,

    The Rebuild by Design Program proposals put forth all promote the inclusion of WALLS in various locations throughout Hoboken with three of the proposals diverting flood waters into densely populated communities. I am all for protecting the Hoboken/Weehawken communities from flooding but NOT at the expense of INTENTIONALLY “sacrificing” the homes and business of any members of the Hoboken/Weehawken/Jersey City community. It is reprehensible that anyone involved in this process would think that was an acceptable outcome. All of the proposed concepts should subscribe to the underlying principle of DO NO HARM – which Concepts A, B and E clearly ignore. The $230M grant should be used to improve a community but NEVER at the expense of the members of that and surrounding communities. I fully support the Delay, Store and Discharge elements – as do my neighbors. But the Resist proposals are poorly thought out and would do irreparable harm. As my 2nd Ward representative I want you to be aware of my position and look forward to hearing your voice that these proposals are outrageous.
  • Barbara Meyer
    I am over the moon about your decision to run for Councilwoman! Please let me know what I can do! I’m retired and I have the time!
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