Part 1 - So Many Updates

September 18, 2022
Dear friends and neighbors,
There is so much to share and update you on that I'm going to spread across a few newsletters today.  In this edition I ended up including things that all seemed to flow into eachother:
  • Amazing artisan market today!
  • Free play today – J.C.’s underground railroad
  • For the Judy Blume fans in the crowd…
  • Book Bike is back!
  • Voter registration event @ the library
  • Poll workers needed
  • Upcoming elections
  • Board of education roundtable
  • Stevens light up red 9/24
  • A walk / run event for 55+
  • Stevens’ students water survey results
  • Hoboken small business spotlight
Speaking of today... Main Street Pops has done an amazing job bringing these great markets to Uptown Hoboken.  The fall series will be third Sundays: mark your calendars: Today, October 16th and November 20th. Under the viaduct from 11-4.
Speaking of other events today…come to Columbus Park to see a performance of "Walk by the Way of the Moon", a 30 minute, family friendly historic play by the Speranza Theatre Company about Jersey City’s connection with the Underground Railroad.  It’s the story through the eyes of a 10 year old girl, whose enslaved family chose to run for freedom.  Although free, you must register here: Women's Theatre | Jersey City | Speranza Theatre Company  (thank you Caren Lissner of Hoboken Patch for writing about this).
Speaking of Caren Lissner… She wrote a short essay about her connection with Judy Blume - Playing Jewish Geography With Judy Blume – Kveller -  that she posted yesterday on social media and pulled at my heart strings bringing me back to when I read all of Judy Blume's books as a kid.  Worth a read.  Caren, former editor of the Hoboken Reporter, is also an author in her own right including the novel that was made into a movie Carrie Pilby (2016) - IMDb.
Speaking of books…Still obsessed with this book bike! A giant tricycle that brings story time, arts & crafts and multiple library services to parks in your neighborhood!  Some of the services include signing up for a library card, returning books and even checking out some new ones!  The bike makes regular appearances at 11am at parks across the city.  Check out their September Poster below – this week it will be at Columbus Park on Monday (storytime), Harborside on Tuesday (arts & crafts), 7th & Jackson on Thursday (storytime), and Elysian on Friday (storytime).
Speaking of the Hoboken Public Library… On the 10th Anniversary of National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 20th, the Hoboken Public Library is hosting a full day Voter Registration extravaganza to make it as easy as possible for you to register to vote or update your address or registration for any other reason.  You can do so any one of the three library locations, or at the Book Bike at one of three stops.  Don’t put this off.  The latest date to register or update your registration to be able to vote in the November 8th elections is October 18th.  Remember, #YourVoteIsYourVoice.
Speaking of Election Day…Poll workers are need across Hudson County for the upcoming elections. Because New Jersey now has in person early voting, the number of poll workers has increased dramatically.
Why should you apply?
  • Earn $21.43 per hour on in-person early voting days and $300 on Election Day.
  • See our great democracy in action, firsthand, and enjoy the feeling that comes with contributing to your local community, your state, and your country.
Who can apply?
  • A United States citizen and a resident of New Jersey.
  • Registered voter in the county in which you reside, or 16 and 17 year old residents.
  • College and high school students are encouraged to apply. Note: Those under 18 years of age will work limited hours per shift and do not have to be registered to vote.
Possible work dates:
  • Early voting: 10/29 to 11/6 - Monday-Saturday 10AM-8:00PM and Sunday 10AM-6:00PM.
  • Election Day:  11/8 - 6:00AM-8:00PM.
For further information:
  • Hudson County Clerk’s Office Division of Elections - [email protected]  or 201-369-3470, Option# 6 or
Speaking of upcoming elections… On November 8th, we will elect our new Congressional Representative and 3 of the nine seats on Hoboken’s Board of Education.  Their mandates could not be further apart – one is Federal and the other is hyperlocal.  But… both are incredibly important to you.  And remember:
The races will heat up this week as candidates vie for the important early mail in vote.  Mail in ballots will probably hit mailboxes as early as the week of 9/26.  Not sure if you recall, but I sent a newsletter last November ( Election Results, Fall Back and Looking Forward - Tiffanie for Hoboken 2nd ( ) that showed the impact those first sent ballots have on an election.  This chart was in that email which showed the progression of how people voted as they approached Election Day and became more aware and educated on the various candidates.
People typically open their ballot right away, vote based on what they know at the minute which is not as much as they know as time passes.  I know plenty of people who have regretted their early vote once they learned more about all the candidates.  So just make sure you are adequately informed before you cast your votes!
(Yeah... no gerrymandering here...)
Our Rep. Albio Sires is retiring January 3 2023, after serving us in Congress since 2007.  For right now, I am just going to list the candidates running from the two major parties.  Ballotpedia shows others but I am not sure of their status.
  • Republican Candidate – Marcos Arroyo (no social media footprint)
The Hoboken Board of Education approves the annual budget, programming and spending for Hoboken’s public district schools.  The school tax levy represents about 30% of your annual property taxes and the budget includes an allocation to fund Hoboken’s three charter schools (Elysian, Hoboken Charter and HoLa) based upon a funding formula established by the state.  The charter schools are run independently with their own boards.
In 2015, the year I first ran for office, I also worked on my first BOE campaign supporting candidates Tom Kluepfel, Sheillah Dallara and Addys Velez.  Originally, the campaign focused on the obvious - targeting areas where parents went like soccer fields and outside schools.  But I asked “How will you reach me? I am a voter and a taxpayer and a product and supporter of public education, but I don’t have kids so won’t be at any of those places.” And we grew the effort to have a broader reach.  The point I am trying to make, is that everyone’s vote in Hoboken matters as it relates to our schools.  We all benefit from strong public schools because they are the center of a strong community.  And we all should have a voice on our taxes – since the BOE elections were moved to November, voters no longer have the chance to vote directly on the annual school budget, SO THE ONLY CHECK AND BALANCE we have is on who we elect to be on the BOE Board.     
This year, there are eight candidates running for three seats including one incumbent, one former BOE commissioner, two groups of three running together as slates, and two independent candidates. Current commissioners Joyce Simons and Sheillah Dallara are not running for re-election.   Below is the list in order of how you will see them on the ballot:
1 – Patricia Waiters "Transparency, Respect, Integrity"
2 - Leslie Norwood Leadership That Listens
3 - Antonio Grana Leadership That Listens
4 – Alex De La Torre (Incumbent) Leadership That Listens
5 – John Madigan (Former Commissioner) “Hoboken Children First”
6 – Pavel Sokolov Kids First
7 – Cindy Wiegand Kids First
8 – Donna Magen Kids First
You can vote for any three from the list – if voting for someone on a slate, you are not required to vote for the entire slate.    
Next year is a big year for elections that will most impact your everyday quality of life: State Senator ♦ State Assembly (2 seats) ♦ County Executive (like mayor of Hudson County) ♦ County Commissioner (like county level city council) ♦ all six Hoboken City Council Ward seats  ♦ three Board of Education seats. 
The State and County seats will most likely be decided in the June Primary Election given the Democratic candidate in the general most often wins.  Petitions to get on the ballot for the June Primary will need to be completed by end of March.  For the November City Council ward and BOE races, both non-partisan, petitions will be due at the end of August.  If you are interested in running for any of these seats mentioned and would like to discuss and learn more, please email me at [email protected].  Don’t wait until its too late.  
Speaking of the Board of Education… If you have not already attended a Board of Education roundtable, you have one last chance to do so on October 4th at 6pm at Hoboken High School.  I went to an earlier session this summer and found it informative.  Mainly, Dr. Johnson walks through in detail what I have referred to as an enrollment crisis, school capacity and need for upgraded / expanded facilities.  To register for this last roundtable discussion (at least for now), please go to this link: Hoboken Public School District Roundtable Discussions (
Speaking of Hoboken based education… Stevens’ is having their inaugural Fall Festival for students, families and alumni next weekend.  Hoboken is home to literally thousands of Stevens alumni.  I have to say, after reading the incredible schedule of events, I wish I were a Stevens’ alumni and could attend!  But, something we can all participate in is finding a place to watch the Empire State Building light up Steven’s Red for Stevens Institute of Technology that night!  Go Stevens!  So proud to have this amazing university in Hoboken. 
Source: Stevens website
Speaking of Stevens studentsInspired by her grandparents, Erin Kreis, an undergraduate at Stevens Institute of Technology, as a part of the Stevens Launchpad Program, has founded SilverStrides, a startup with a mission of helping older adults maintain their physical and mental health through walking. She cites Hoboken's safe outdoor spaces and close-knit community atmosphere make it a perfect place to start a walking community for older adults and I couldn’t agree more!  She has organized a 1 Mile Walk/Run at Pier A on September 24th as what will hopefully be the first of many SilverStrides events promoting fitness in the local 55+ community.  As someone turning 55 later this fall, I think it is a great idea and am very much looking forward to this!  The event is free, but you need to register here.  I have already asked Erin if her next event can be uptown.  #GoStevens
Speaking of more Stevens students doing good for the world … Thank you to everyone who participated in the Water survey put out by Stevens’ students.  From Steven’s Adjunct Professor Matt Wade “Hi Tiffanie, your second newsletter doubled the responses to the water survey.  Thank you!  Please see attached for the final results.”
  • Respondents - 89 total, 82 from Hoboken
  • Age – 51% > 50, 39% 35-50, 10% 18-34
  • Source of drinking water – 17% bottled, 63% filtered, 20% Faucet no filter
  • Trust in UNFILTERED water -  27% above average, 42% average, 31% below average
  • How aware of impurities to avoid - 30% above average, 33% average, 37% below average
  • Impurities most selected as reason for filtering in order – Lead, Bacteria, Parasites, Chlorine, Aluminum
  • $$ willing to spend on filter replaced every 6 mos – 36% >= $40, 46% $20-30, 18% < $20  
Thanks everyone who responded for contributing to the education of Stevens students.
Speaking of drinks made with water… At 800 Jackson, Black Rail Coffee is certainly not the closest coffee shop to me.  But I go out of my way to get there as often as I can to get an amazing gluten free everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese.  Bagels are a delicacy that has not agreed with me for decades (sorry if that's TMI) and now that I have found Black Rail, I get one probably once per week.  But it isn’t just the gluten free bagels – they have an amazing selection of delicious sandwiches, snacks and drinks served in an inviting and somewhat cool environment next to the 9th street light rail.  It is definitely worth the trip!
But what about updates on things like the 14th and Hudson improvements, cannabis, waterfront walkway repairs, and the rent control ordinance, among others, you ask?  Those are coming in the next parts of this newsletter series later today...
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and are enjoying this beautiful late summer / early fall weather.  As always, please share this with anyone you know who may be interested and reach out any time on any issue important to you: 201-208-1764 or [email protected].     
Tiffanie Fisher
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”
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