BREAKING: After 7-1 Council Vote for AG Led, Renewed Investigation into the 2017 Racially Biased Election Flyer, Councilwoman Fisher Says Many Unanswered Questions Remain

It has been over three years since an ugly, racially biased flyer against one mayoral candidate and portrayed as being sent by another mayoral candidate was found on the windshields of cars in Hoboken, four nights before the 2017 election. 

An investigation immediately commenced by Hoboken Police and just a few days later, with a difference of only 500 votes between these two candidates, a new mayor was elected.  At its meeting on April 7th, the Hoboken City Council voted 7-1 calling on the Office of the Attorney General and the Hudson County Prosecutor to lead a renewed investigation into the event that tore apart the Hoboken community.  This action follows the AG’s recent involvement and subpoenas issued in a parallel case that happened in Edison, NJ just two days before the event in Hoboken.  Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher who sponsored the resolution issues the following statement:

“On that Friday night in 2017, we were all horrified to learn of the cruel actions portrayed against the two councilmen.  A topic still raw to this day, there remains so many unanswered questions.  Was the flyer hate driven, intended to impact an election result, or both? Was it a random act or was it associated with one of the campaigns?  What more needs to be done to find and bring to justice those who committed the cruel bias intimidation and impersonation crimes?”

Councilwoman Fisher commented further, “As in Edison, Hoboken residents deserve the highest level of law enforcement resources to solve this dormant case.  And when close friends, family or those with positional influence are involved, like in this instance with the Hoboken mayor and City Council, it is imperative that the Offices of the AG and County Prosecutor ensure independence and step in to relieve the Hoboken Police Department from the burden of being the sole investigating agency. I met with Hoboken Police Chief Ferrante who has publicly stated his support for these expanded resources for the investigation.”

In response to the one dissenting vote from Councilman Phil Cohen, Fisher says “I am disappointed, but not surprised he chose to push his personal, political agenda instead of demanding justice for all parties affected.”

The resolution calls for the City Clerk to send a copy to Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Governor Phil Murphy, Attorney General Grubir Grewal, Executive Assistant Attorney General Chris Edwards, Principal Law Enforcement Advisor to the AG Jen Davenport, Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari, and Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante.

The full text of the resolution can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact Councilwoman Fisher at 201/208-1674

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