$23,134.00 raised
GOAL: $30,000.00

Thank you for considering donating to my re-election campaign fund.  Campaigns are the means to the end, and the costs of running an effective campaign can be high.  I am targeting to raise $30,000 with all of the funds to be used for connecting with voters, raising their awareness of my candidacy and earning their vote.  To do this, I need campaign posters, pins and postcards, an email service, printed mailers with information about me, a website, and an organized "Get Out The Vote" effort.  100% of the money raised will be used for these activities.

Any level of donation up to $1000 is greatly appreciated.  I set this maximum level, which is well below what is allowed by the state, because it feels more right to me to have to connect with more of you for support in order to achieve my donation goal. No donation amount is too small. Donations of $200 or less does not require individual disclosure under ELEC reporting laws but rather gets aggregated together in one line.  

Thank you so much for supporting me so I can keep advocating for you!


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