Engage. Inform. Advocate.

I am committed to actively connecting you, Hoboken’s 2nd Ward residents, with our local government by engaging with, informing and advocating for you on issues important to you, not only issues important to me. Many of us share common concerns and my goals for Hoboken City Council are based on input I have received directly from you.

  • To make congestion, traffic and road safety priority number one.
  • To prioritize the repaving of Washington Street.
  • To ensure that future development is done responsibly.
  • To continue the fight against Monarch, a battle that is unanimously supported by 2nd Ward residents.
  • To repair and/or replace our aging infrastructure – as evidenced by the recent water main break on 14th Street.
  • To find more sources of reliable transportation including Uber, the Hop and commuter buses and ferries.
  • To support services for the more vulnerable including affordable housing and putting in place free metered parking for those who are handicapped.
  • To ensure continued fiscal responsibility including approving balanced budgets with sufficient surplus, using disciplined bonding to fund important capital projects, and stabilizing taxes.
  • To improve the dissemination of important information that effects Hoboken residents.
  • To guarantee our streets and sidewalks are clean and free from dog waste.

I am looking forward to working to keep Hoboken special, and in the words of some of our longest standing residents, that it continues to be "the best it has ever been".

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