Bhalla Administration Orders Removal of City Council President and Councilwoman from Hoboken City Hall

Hoboken, N.J. – Yesterday Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino and Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher were at City Hall looking into a matter involving the potential eviction of a Hoboken resident from his home.  As they finished, the councilwomen were approached by City Hall security who said they were instructed by the administration to escort the two councilwomen out of the building because “they had no business in City Hall”...   


“It is alarming that the administration ordered our removal from City Hall while we were helping a Hoboken resident at risk of losing his home.  As duly elected representatives and active members of the city’s government, we will continue to be a presence in City Hall and we will not tolerate nor be intimidated by this attempt to prevent us from doing the job we were elected to do – representing and advocating for the residents of Hoboken.  This level of bullying has no place in our city let alone from within City Hall and everyone should be concerned by this misuse of power exhibited by the mayor’s office.”

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