"I Voted Stickers" - Everything You Need To Know To Get One & More...

Tomorrow is being called the biggest mid-term election of our lives…

With early voting numbers suggesting almost presidential levels.  So you don’t miss out… Here is everything you need to know to vote tomorrow!



You have up to seven votes you can cast tomorrow:

  • 1 for US Senator
  • 1 for House of Representatives, and
  • Up to 3 for Hoboken Board of Education
  • 1 for State level ballot question – about statewide school funding
  • 1 for Hoboken level ballot question – about reinstating election runoffs

Federal Level Candidates:

  • US Senator – there are 8 candidates
  • House of Representatives – there are 3 candidates 

Column A is Democrats, Column B is Republicans, and Columns D-H are Green, Independent and Libertarian candidates.

As most people are aware, I lean left and am voting Column A and I am doing so because I am voting for candidates who in one month, two months, or 6 years, will be voting for and supporting issues that are important to me.

Hoboken Board of Education Candidates

Every year 1/3 of our nine seat Board of Education is up for election.  This year there are 5 candidates and you can vote for up to three.  They are found in Column I on the lower right side of the ballot: 

  • #1 Tom Kluepfel
  • #2 John Madigan
  • #3 Malani Cademartori
  • #4 Ailene McGuirk
  • #5 Patricia Waiters

I am voting for #1 Tom Kluepfel and #4 Ailene McGuirk.  I have known Tom and his wife Lynn for a few of years.  Tom is currently President of our Board of Education and along with his wife Lynn, who is a special education teacher at Elysian Charter, helped founded Elysian Charter.  They are strong education advocates, have been a big part of the reform of our public schools and are long-time residents of Hoboken.  I have only known Ailene for a short time, but I think she is awesome!  A very committed parent and long time resident, a Vice President of the PTO at Connors Elementary and has a daughter attending there.  Connors is a school that has not had a parent representative elected to our Board of Education in decades, and the school where some of our more vulnerable children go.  Giving those with less of a voice a bigger one is important to me and I think Ailene is a great voice for all of our kids. 

Even if you don’t have kids (I don’t) there are many reasons to vote with the most important being that a strong public school system is at the heart of all strong communities and our school board oversees almost 1/3 of our property taxes.


State Level Ballot Question:

So, I will admit I am not well versed on this issue.  But I have asked a number of people who I respect who are better versed, and I am coming up with a NO vote on this question.  Long story short, I understand that this funding will not reach that many children across the state and that there are many other higher educational priorities to fund – like free pre-K3 and pre-K4 for all as examples.  Here are two links that I found that I thought were helpful in my decision:

-          OP-ED:  Ballot Question Shuts Out Most Students From Facilities Funding

-          FB Post from former Hoboken Resident and Education Activitist Liz Mulholland


Hoboken Municipal Question – Reinstating the Runoffs:

I have sent out two emails already (2/6 and 11/1 click on the dates) on this saying why I was and still am a definite Yes vote for this.   But if that isnt enough to get you there, HMAG just published what I think has been the best summary in support of runoffs that captures the sentiment that I, and many others feel.  This is not a referendum on our mayor, but rather a referendum on last year's election.  My prior emails will give you more of the math, about why voter turnout has only increased in Hoboken’s historical runoffs since 2005.  Hoboken residents – WE VOTE in municipal elections!  And if and when we have a runoff the first Tuesday of December, we will don our hats and mittens, clear our schedule and holiday shop on a different day, and make sure we get to the polls to elect our local leaders.  It’s our culture and it’s what we do.  



You vote where you voted this past year.  Nothing has changed.  If you are a registered voter you should have received your sample ballot in the mail with your polling location.  But ICYMI or are unsure you can simply type “Where do I vote” into google and you get the following (click on picture and it will take you there).  And you just fill in your street address:

Or use can use the NJ Polling Place Locator Tool as well.

One glitch – if you live in 6th ward district 3 or 5, your polling place was incorrectly listed on your sample ballot.  You will be voting at the Hoboken Public Library, 500 Park Ave.  If you don’t know if you live in either of those districts, you can find your district on a Hoboken Ward Map HERE.



Polls are open from 6am to 8pm.  If you are standing in line at 8pm, you will be admitted to vote.  If you get on line at 805pm, you will not be able to vote.

Vote early.  Tomorrow’s weather is expected to be mild (54-64), but potentially wet with most of the rain happening in the afternoon.  Don’t let the weather keep you away, so get it out of the way first thing.



Because for the first time ever in Hoboken you will get an “I Voted” sticker!!! 

So... last year I said on social media that I would buy "I Voted" stickers for Hoboken this year if the County didn't... So I did, for each of the 40 polling locations in Hoboken. As a result, the Hudson County Board of Elections secured some as well (hopefully enough) for the rest of the County. But I am told that we will now have them for all elections going forward!

But remember - NOT JUST ANYONE GETS A STICKER! You have to exercise your civic right and vote to get one! So vote. Get a sticker and proudly wear your badge of honor to inspire your neighbors to vote too! And don’t feel bad about shaming them into voting... look what happened when I shamed the county!



Because.  You just have to.  We are a democracy because people go to the polls and vote.  All of our laws that we have are because of all those who voted in elections up until today.  Don’t you want to be one of those voices that help shape America’s future?  I know I do.


Please vote.   And please forward this to anyone you think might benefit from this information or need a little encouragement.



Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward


Engage. Inform. Advocate.

“More Voices are Better”

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