BREAKING: After Bhalla's Decade’s High 7.4% Increase in 2020, Hoboken Councilwoman Fisher Calls for Lower Hoboken 2021 Taxes


After Bhalla's Decade’s High 7.4% Increase in 2020, Hoboken Councilwoman Fisher Calls for Lower Hoboken 2021 Taxes 

Hoboken, N.J. – At tonight’s Hoboken City Council meeting, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher is sponsoring a municipal budget amendment to be voted on that would deliver a $2.7M, 4.5% tax decrease for Hoboken taxpayers. 

This would amend the flat tax budget introduced by the Bhalla administration through cutting excessive spending increases and reallocating these monies towards deserved taxpayer relief and restoration of Hoboken’s much needed rent control office that had been cut dramatically by the administration, while still supporting public safety and quality of life initiatives. Councilwoman Fisher releases the following statement:  

“Last year, Hoboken taxpayers paid $4.2M or 7.4% more in local taxes which was the largest single year increase in a decade since the city was under state monitor.  This year, we need to do better for taxpayers and give some of this back.” said Councilwoman Fisher.

“Like most communities, Hoboken was hit hard by the pandemic, exacerbating what was already going to be a grim fiscal situation in 2020 driven by excess spending in prior years.  I am grateful for the $7M from the American Rescue Plan being used this year to help stabilize our municipal budget and tax levy, but the best use of those dollars is concomitantly with continued fiscal discipline, not to fund reinstated, excessive spending levels that were cut in prior years.  We work for our taxpayers; they don’t work for us.”  

One area where Councilwoman Fisher feels spending was actually cut too far by the Bhalla administration was in Hoboken’s Rent Control office.  “This is the wrong time to be cutting this office when tenants are under tremendous pressure to pay their bills and stay in their homes.  I am comforted knowing the majority of my City Council colleagues stand behind reinvesting in this important department so Hoboken’s tenants can have the support and protection they need during this difficult time.”


For more details, the proposed budget amendment resolution can be found on the City of Hoboken’s website.



Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher - 201-208-1674 or [email protected]


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