January 25th Vote - Process

The BOE voted unanimously to put the $241 million of bonding needed to construct the proposed New High School on the ballot to be voted upon by Hoboken registered voters on January 25th.  This means:

  • the proposal can’t be changed prior to the vote on January 25th, and
  • voters only have a choice to vote the proposal “up or down” (yes or no).


The lack of public input afforded to Hoboken residents before the proposal was placed on the ballot means that only those Hoboken taxpayers who are registered to vote in Hoboken can have a say in this decision, not all taxpayers.

If the proposed New High School is voted down on January 25th, BOE President Angley did say at the December 7th meeting they would come back with a modified version within 12 months.  As such, you need to educate yourself on the project “as proposed” before January 25th and vote in one of the following ways:

  • YES, if you are 100% on board and love it as proposed!
  • NO, if you don’t support it at all.
  • NO, but likely a yes in the future if you would like to see the BOE come back to voters in 12 months with a different and/or less costly version that is still amazing. 


The BOE has provided the following information about the project on their website to help voters get more informed before the referendum vote including:

  • A FAQ document that is “live” that the BOE is continuing to update and provide more information. 
  • A project budget. that lists the key categories of costs in the $241 million construction budget.


The BOE are also hosting the following 3 additional public meetings in 2022:

  • Thursday, Jan. 6th – 7pm in person at Hoboken High School, 800 Clinton
  • Thursday, Jan. 13th – 7pm Virtual, VIA Zoom (details to follow)
  • Monday, Jan. 17th – 7pm in person at Hoboken High School, 800 Clinton


This referendum vote will be like any other election in Hoboken:

  • Vote By Mail prior to January 25th
    • ballots sent to anyone who requests one.
    • to request a ballot, fill out an application (English, Spanish) and send to the Hudson County Clerk   on or before January 18th (you can also deliver an application in person up until January 24th).


If you are leaning in a direction and don’t vote, then you are effectively voting in the opposite direction.  This is a small turn out election – the opposite of a presidential election.  This is the kind of election where EVERY VOTE MATTERS THE MOST!


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