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This is the second part of my newsletter and a little later than I hoped. 

The day got away from me.  Before we dive in, some housekeeping relating to yesterday’s newsletter.
  • I Giveth, Then I Taketh Away – Proposed RBD "Catch Up" Meeting I mentioned just yesterday for 2/27 at Elysian is POSTPONED.  There is a conflicting zoning board meeting that night that effects many of the same neighbors. I will revert with a new date ASAP. 
  • E-Bike Ordinance Survey – Thank you to all who responded!  Favor - I would like to ask you to do so again as I had to toss the first survey.  LINK TO ONE QUESTION SURVEY  The prior version did not limit responses to one response per person, so of the 325 responses I received, it looks like about 150 were spam – 20 Pro Vests & Tests and 130 pro Mayor’s Task Force.  I reset the survey this time limiting responses to one per person so click away!  LINK TO ONE QUESTION SURVEY
Today’s content is a little lighter than yesterday’s..  And, instead of a bullet list first, I am going to just jump right in and provide short summaries of each.  To give your eyes and brain a break after yesterday’s…
Please join us at 3pm on Wednesday, February 28th at City Hall to Honor Black History Month.  BHM began as a week in 1926 that coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. President Gerald Ford officially recognized BHM in 1976, calling upon the public to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history."  So join us to do just that.
I recently stumbled on an amazing page where you can see the upcoming schedule of all of Hoboken High School sports events!  I know many of you know this already, but as someone who doesn’t have kids playing high school sports, but loves to watch high school sports, this was an exciting find!  We have some incredible high school teams that are winning accolades across many sports including Basketball, Wrestling, and Soccer to name a few.  So check out the schedule and go out some night and root for our Hoboken Red Wings!  I came from a town with huge school spirit (Fairport Red Raiders) and know that it is part of what makes a community like Hoboken feel special.  #HereWeComeHoboken.
We recently passed a resolution for the first of what I hope will be many short term improvements on the Monarch Site.  Don’t get too excited… it is removing the big pile of dirt that is there!  You would think it was easy – just a back hoe and a dump truck.  But, in municipal government, nothing is that easy.  It will first be tested for any contaminants (none expected) and then moved.  Hopefully both in the next couple of weeks.  Then planning can start for some hear term temporary uses.
I will be front row center for this.  Sunday, 2/25 from 4-6pm. Required for all 2nd Ward residents! 😊
I want to thank the 96 people who responded to my One Question Pickleball survey.  The question was whether there was a willingness to pay fees for access to Pickleball courts.  83% said yes.  I had a great discussion with a group of leaders in our pickleball community following the survey.  The method behind my madness is to see if we can think about attracting a Pickle Ball club to come to Hoboken and lease a large block of space in one of the big developments being proposed.  Armed with general support for the idea, on my end I have begun socializing the ideas with our Director of Community Development and some of the local developers.  This is not a certain path, and there are no promises, but I continue to do my research to see if this could work. Additionally, the group asked some questions about more available space within city property that I will follow up with.  Dare I say including some of our schools maybe...  More to come.
The Hoboken Business Alliance is sponsoring a temporary visual art installation with 10, 28’ electric dandelions being “planted” at Pier A and near the Monroe Center Plaza.  The installation begins tomorrow night and extends through May 24th.  You can read more about it here: Electric Dandelions to light up Hoboken waterfront -
Over the past 8 months, neighbors have consistently raised concerns about disruptive overnight garbage noise in and around Shipyard, primarily on Shipyard Lane north of 14th Street. The disturbance, occurring between midnight and 5 am, involves back-up alarms and the handling of large steel garbage containers multiple times per night. The City has been trying to navigate this issue with Ironstate, who manage Shipyard and the garbage collection activities, but with only incremental progress made. I am told the back up alarms on Cali’s trucks have been mostly reduced, however the bigger issue of the clanging, steel garbage containers remains.  I spoke again with Directors Gonzalez and Aviles last night, who said they are discussing potential solutions with Ironstate including swapping heavy steel containers for quieter plastic ones and exploring different areas for garbage pick-up.  With input from neighbors, I've advocated for Pier 13 to have its own dedicated garbage storage to alleviate the strain on the current location. If you're experiencing similar problems, please inform me, and consider emailing [email protected].  Work continues.
If you do not follow the Hoboken Public Library on social media, you should.  So many cool things are happening with them!  Two I want to mention:
Library of Things – What?? Our library continues to impress.  They now let you borrow such things as a knife sharpener, or a power washer, or even a telescope!  I just found a stack of 45’s from my youth and I can take out a record player to listen to them!  Learn more HERE and if you have any suggestions send them to [email protected]
$69,000 GRANT – Congressman Rob Menendez delivered a $69,000 check from the Library of Congress to our library to support the exploration of The Puerto Rican Experience in Hoboken and America.  This is pretty exciting for Hoboken given the rich Puerto Rican history we have!
  • 15th Street - the traffic lights at Park & Willow are once again out of whack.  I spoke to the County yesterday who told me they would be synching them ASAP.  Keep me posted on whether you see the fix, or not. 
  • 13th Street – About a week or so ago the City was out fixing potholes on 13th.  Yay!  I want to assure you these are just short term fixes.  13th is scheduled to be entirely repaved later this summer. 
  • Hudson St. Parking Permit Signs – HPU will be adding an additional parking permit sign on Hudson, just north of 14th in the next few days.  This is in response to a few complaints I have received about the lack of visible signs with the parking rules on them on this block. 
Do you know about this program?  If you have a car seat and want to make sure it is installed correctly and safe for your child, Hudson County in conjunction with RWJ Barnabas and JCMC will inspect your car seat for you in Jersey City.  It’s free.  And no appointment is necessary.
I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant, and I want it to be successful.  I have eaten there now three times – the food is reinvented American classics and is absolutely delicious.  I like a restaurant where there are several things on the menu that I want to order.  And Martha’s is just that.  I love their Salmon tartare tacos and their Rigatoni Bolognese in particular.  They are located in the old La Isla space at 12th and Maxwell Lane.  The interiors are familiar and gorgeous and the staff is very friendly.  Grab a table or sit at one of the many bar seats on the lower and upper levels.  Do your part to support this new, local restaurant!
All to support the amazing Family Promise of Hudson County organization which provides housing for people who are unhoused.  Join Councilwoman Giattino and me and friends tomorrow night (Friday) for the Family Promise FUNdraiser.
  • Time: 7-10pm
  • Location: Grace Church Van Vorst, 39 Erie St. Jersey City.
You can read more about this needed organization here: HOME | Family Promise of Hudson County, New Jersey (  If you can’t make it tomorrow night, you can still donate or buy a $25 ticket!!  Thank you for considering!
Starbucks recently began offering the ability to use your own personal cup instead of theirs.  You save $.10 and the world at the same time.  How to do this:  Go to your Starbucks order, click “Customize” and scroll down all the way to the bottom and select “Personal Cup”.  You bring your own cup and they poor your order into your cup. 
Now, I am not sure how this works for layered, frothy type drinks.  But for my iced coffee with extra ice and one shot of SF vanilla – it works perfectly!

I still have more to share and will do so over the next day or so.  As always, please share this with everyone you know who may be interested and reach out any time on any issue important to you: 201-208-1764 or [email protected].  
Tiffanie Fisher
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”
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