Reports of Crazy Water and Sewer Bills

A few of our neighbors alerted me that they had received a crazy bill from NHSA for sewer that was basically double their prior bill. 
I spoke with CW Giattino who also received similar complaints, with two people showing increases from $200 to $3,000.  In our Environmental Services Committee we reported this and asked the administration to look into this.  We also have calls into the NHSA as do various neighbors.  Right now we have not gotten any specific response other than the NHSA are currently reviewing the billings.  My recommendation (actually made by our neighbor who first reported it) – take a careful look at your recent sewer and water bills.  If they seem to have a ginormous, atypical increase, please reach out to NHSA and Veolia to discuss.
Also, let me know if you are experiencing this issue so I can have a better understanding of how many this is impacting.  Email [email protected] or text 201-208-1674 
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