Thank You!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Now with the election behind us, I can tell you that I am only feeling positive and energized about what lies ahead!
 As I mentioned in my "We Did It" email yesterday, I did want to thank everyone who were responsible for our shared victory.  The list is long, but I will try to be concise (one of my new term resolutions is going to be working on being more concise and brief…)
  • First and foremost, my parents.  They came down from Rochester and fed me, drove me around, made phone calls and handed out literature!  My Dad had a great closing statement as he walked the line at the ferry and buses with me “Vote for my daughter…” which I know got me hundreds of  votes! J
  • My Aunt who made over 3,000 phone calls from Rochester over the last week of the campaign.  Incredible.  She has already signed up for more phone banking in the future!
  • My friend Emily who filled in all the gaps I needed over the last few weeks of the campaign. 
  • My GOTV manager Al who put organization around the most chaotic part of an election and who kept me on the right path when I was tempted to veer off…
  • My envelope stuffers – Emily again and Avery and Sidney (the returning stars from my 2015 campaign) – who stuffed, labeled and stamped 2,000 envelopes.
  • My champion Margaret who took over my social media support! 
  • A long list of friends – new and old - who just offered to help me door knock, hand out literature, make introductions, canvass, make calls, and challenge on Election Day including Renee, Laura, Joe, Heidi, Bonnie, Cynthia, Bob, Michelle, Scott, Jon, Barbara, Marcello, Teresa, Jo Ann, Ann, Laura, Roman, Eric, and Diane (I am sure I am missing some!).    
  • My PR firm, Vision Media led by Phil Swibinski and his team of Cait, Dan and Claire who helped me with all my press statements and literature – amazing leverage I didn’t have in my last campaign.
  • My amazing printers and mailhouse Dave Passante of Royal Printing, Phil Parker of Onyx Printing and Melanie Martone of Full Service Mailers who gave me the best service anyone could ask for on one of the most critical parts of a campaign – mailers.  
  • My t-shirt guy Victor Jaramillo of We Print Marketing who made amazing t-shirts for me in short order over the two days he was moving his operations to a new location!
  • My 2nd Ward restaurant owners Clemence, Dave, Armando, Mike and Anthony who let me fundraise, friendraise, and celebrate in their restaurants (ChocoPain, Madison, LaIsla, Stingray and Bin 14).
  • My girls on this side of the river and the other side who have been there supporting me through this crazy experience called a Hoboken election.
  • My family and friends on social media who have been cheering me on from afar.
  • My dear friend Jen who commiserated, conspired and collaborated with me during our two parallel races.
  • My voters, for believing in me and showing up on Election Day.  I am so very humbled by your support.
  • Those who didn’t vote for me… I know some of you voted for my opponent and some of you voted against me – and there is a difference.  But I see you and will be a better representative because of you, just let me know what you want to see me do better.
  • And all of you who donated to my campaign.  Getting my message out and reaching people costs more than it should and I am grateful for your financial support.  I am tallying up the total cost today and tomorrow, but I anticipate it will be close to $30,000.  I would still WELCOME ANY POST ELECTION CONTRIBUTIONS to help offset these costs that I will otherwise self fund.   
We often hear the phrase, and I personally have used it many times – “It Takes A Village”.  I am so grateful for the village that came out to support me.  Thank you everyone for your support and for all your congratulatory emails yesterday.  Looking forward to four more years of More Voices (always better) and Engaging with, Informing and Advocating for you.
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”
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